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Power Predictor

Power Predictor: Check your wind direction- Data stored to a memory card

Before you buy a wind turbine or solar panels, find out how much power you could generate.

There's no need for a costly specialist to tell you how much free energy you can harness. We take the guesswork out of choosing a power generating device.

Step 1: Make the decision to generate cleaner, cheaper energy.

Step 2: Install the Power Predictor on your property where you are thinking of placing your wind turbine or solar panels.

Step 3: Let the Power Predictor collect your data.

Step 4: Upload your data to www.powerpredictor.com where you will get your own unique Power Report and a comprehensive financial analysis of your purchase options.

Power Predictor - Generation 1

Power Predictor

Power Predictor - Generation 2

Power Predictor

The new Power Predictor 2 features a Polycrystalline cell which provides more detailed solar data.


Model Code Price €
Power Predictor 1 box of 12 050-BET-001 1200.00 per box*
Power Predictor 2 box of 10 050-BET-007 1400.00 per box*
Power Predictor 1 single unit 159.00*
Power Predictor 2 single unit 199.00*
6m Extension Cable 050-BET-002 21.33*
12m Extension Cable 050-BET-007 34.12*


Power Predictor: Check your wind direction- Data stored to a memory card
Model Code Price €
6m mast 050-BET-003 119.65*
6m mast with tripod 050-BET-005 197.63*
12m mast 050-BET-004 301.41*
12m mast with tripod 050-BET-006 376.77*


* Discounts do not apply to these products.